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The Meaning of our Motto, “Know ki, know peace®”.

Life is a perpetual circle filled with events and experiences that continually shapes us and defines our character and resolve. Infused with the good, our will and our faith is tested and challenged with adversity and strife every day. In a modern world that is hectic, complex and fast paced, we long for the sanctity of truth and balance, essentially peace in our lives. Sadly, we have lost sight of it, forgotten about it, or oftentimes don’t know where to go or how to find it. You don’t have to venture too far, because peace is closer than you think with KI Concept®!

“Rediscovery” is the voice of our company, where we strive to reclaim old values and tradition in modern times. We believe peace is the world’s most valuable resource, our most fundamental truth. Peace lives deep within us, it calls to us, and it waits for us to reclaim it. Look within for your KI, your spirit, and rediscover peace. Our spirit-centered, lifestyle products give you access to that feeling of peace, comfort, and happiness, and reconnect to a place that has been yours all along.

We encourage you to adopt the KI Concept® in your life, we continually strive to educate you on what it is, and we find ways to help motivate you to be your best by delivering uplifting products, essential gifts, and inspirational materials. Explore our site and learn more about KI and the KI Concept®. We hope our site and products will inspire your spirit, and challenge you to always be your best.

And with this knowing, we proudly say, “Know KI, know peace®”.

— Silvia

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