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What are the Chances of a Friendship Found?

Have you ever wondered “What if…?” What if any part of your life equation was different, where would you be now? Who would you have met otherwise, had you not been at that place where you were at the time you crossed paths with that person who has become that special someone? What if you took that first job vs. another, and all people and loved ones you met along the way who you never would have known had it not been for this decision? What if you found one particular house which just came available, and bought it instead of another, and the next door neighbors you found who have become your amazing, extended family who thinks like you do and share many of the same ideals as you?

So many of my dearest friends and extended family who I have come to know today, came from associations made at my daughter’s preschool, elementary school, having lived in one state for a time, and friends who introduced me to their circle of friends, and so on through many other life events. This brings me to my story about my friend, Nancy (Nance), who I met through my husband. Nancy and her brother Jerry, grew up with my husband and his brothers. The two families were inseparable for a time in their lives, and to each other, the kids were like “cousins” and the parents were like “aunt” and “uncle”. As a result of my marriage, I now have new cousins,  and aunt and uncles. I like that very much!

After launching KI Concept®’s website, my first online order for my flagship product KI in a Box® came from “Cousin Nance”. She immediately thought of a special friend (her former professor) to give a box to for her upcoming 86th birthday. I got right on it, and as I was preparing her special KI in a Box®, I thought about the treasure of her friendship with her teacher from the past. I too have friendships that were formed 35 years ago with former professors after I was no longer their student, and also, people who I met as a result of the first job I had 32 years ago and all the mutual projects and dealings we had that brought us together over the years.  The lasting power of a friendship that lasts for 30+ years is amazing to me. In this day and age of digital communications and people being on the go and very busy, I treasure the deep, enduring, tested friendships formed so long ago with those I truly care about. Our times together, when we can see each other, is a joyous occasion, and still is as “fresh” , fun, and good for the soul.

Do yourself a favor – reach out and reconnect with someone you haven’t seen or talked to in awhile. Recapture the essence of the friendship that first brought you together, and be good to yourself. Because in the end, those are the friendships that makes a life truly blessed with all that really matters.  As for Nance, she still has not been able to give her box to her friend, thanks to the Massachusetts Snowmaggedon that has taken over their lives! No chance of thawing for awhile, but I am sure Nance will find a way to dig out from the snow and celebrate with her beloved friend soon!

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