Gift Giving Tradition in Japan

I always found solace, comfort, warmth and healing in the art of taking tea, either alone, with my mother, or with a special girlfriend while we visited and reconnected.  It started as a tradition of taking tea with a special friend while we were reconnecting and shared happenings in our lives.  Life happened, and my girlfriends and I became separated across many oceans.  To tie us over when we couldn’t be together, we started looking for tea “things” and gifts to send to each other to keep us close in our hearts.  It became spiritual, where we still could share a cup of tea together no matter the miles and feel the “KI”.  I expanded the idea further and created my flagship product, my first KI in a Box® infused with special Japanese inspired things that captured my spirit to send to those that I love.

The Japanese are famous for their gift giving customs, steeped in tradition with an emphasis on gifts given for social occasions as well as social obligations.  The ultimate purpose of giving a gift is to show your appreciation for what a person or business has done for you.  The gift itself is not as important as the act of giving.  And, the presentation and thoughtfulness on how it is presented is of utmost importance rather than the value of the gift.

Our KI in a Box® takes care of all your ultimate gift giving needs, as it touches on all aspects of the Japanese gift giving experience.  It’s thoughtful, unique and beautiful, finished off in presentation with a traditional Japanese fabric furoshiki, which can be reused again and again for someone else to pass on their love.  My heartfelt gratitude to you for embracing the essence of KI Concept® and helping to spread the spirit and word of KI.

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