KI Concept®

The essence of KI lives in our company, and through our products and teachings, we personify the depth and the power of the human spirit, and KI. By acknowledging/accessing your spirit within you, and adopting the KI Concept® in your life, you can achieve the power that is found through inner strength, and live an honorable life.

The KI Concept® is a fundamental state of being. It applies to every aspect of life, and all activities and events surrounding one’s life. We can do all things and achieve the mastery, peace, and success we desire. For that, we say “Know KI, know peace®”.  Visit the Blog

KI in a Box®

Each KI in a Box® encompasses the 4 basic elements of nature: WOOD in the form of a custom embossed mini tea chest, a hand folded origami paper crane, and KI card; clay/EARTH/fibers in the form of a beautiful Japanese teacup, and a handmade fabric coaster; WATER together with EARTH in the form of a Japanese green tea bag; and FIRE in the form of a bright tea light.

The KI in a Box® embraces the spirituality of the Japanese tea ceremony ritual, marking the occasion of tea as a special meditative moment.  Through the simple act of sharing a cup of tea alone or with an old friend, joy and peace are actualized in that one moment in time.  Tea becomes a spiritual celebration of a time together, the one special moment in time that will never be had again as captured in the Zen saying “ichigo, ichi-e”, or “One chance, one meeting”.  The awareness and appreciation of that moment is intensified with a KI in a Box® giving experience.  KI Concept® gifts!

The KI Baby® Story

KI baby

Separation is never easy, and sometimes, life takes you away from those you love.  For a time, I was alone without my support network around as I faced challenging  life situations.   To give me comfort, I created my avatar KI Baby®, who was like Supergirl, using her KI superpowers to help deal with whatever situation came her way.  I would ask myself, “What would KI Baby® do, or WWKBD?” At the end of every letter I wrote home, I would doodle the face of a little girl (me) who represented me, the KI Baby®.  She was the inner child in me who encouraged me to use my KI to be my best.  She promoted strength, self-confidence, and happiness in myself and others.  With her spirit behind me, I knew I could do or be anything.  She has empowered me over the years.  At times, she still makes herself known.

Ki Baby

Since I became a mother to my daughter Angie in 2005, I have passed along the spirit of KI Baby® to her.  I want her to know that her KI and the KI Baby® is inside her, watching over her and will guide her throughout her life.  With KI, she can show the world her “girl power”!  16 years later, Angie is going strong!  Every girl can be a KI Baby®, and garner happiness, strength and self-confidence from something as basic and simple as KI.  KI Baby® is love, everywhere! Shop KI Baby®

KI for a Cause

Breast cancer touches many of us when we least expect it.  It profoundly changed Silvia’s life with her first diagnosis in 2012 in her left breast, and then again in 2019 in her right breast.  The reality set in and her KI took over, she threw herself  in the fight, and she beat cancer.  She was not alone as breast cancer touched the lives of loved ones before and after her – Linda, Lisa, Elaine, Evelyn, Kristine, Angela, and Tammie – all are amazing survivors and warriors.

A portion of the proceeds from your purchase of KI in a Box® and other KI Concept®  products will go to life saving breast cancer research, education, advocacy, and patient service programs.  We give our strength to our fellow sisters (and brothers) if ever they need us.