We are so humbled by the great KI stories that have come our way. At KI Concept® LLC, we recognize and extend the Japanese philosophy of “National Living Treasure”—the highest honor a person can receive in Japanese society.  We recognize everyone is a living treasure, and each has a honorable story that must be celebrated and revered.

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I received my KI in a Box® as a gift from my best friend. What an absolutely amazing and spiritual gift! The Box is lovely and contains a combination of intricate handcrafted gifts, along with a powerful, spiritual concept. For me personally, I have embraced the KI Concept®, practice it daily as a way of living, and enjoy the sacred art of KI living. I believe it helps me maintain a strong spiritual and physical strength that provides me with inner peace and wellbeing.

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We invite you to connect with us and “show us your KI”!  Send us your story about how you found your KI , tell us how you like our products, or take a photo of you and your KI in a Box®!  KI Connections – real stories about real treasures like you.

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