Our Story

KI Concept Founder Silvia Govoni with her mother and inspiration

Growing up in an Asian household, my Japanese mother taught me that everyone has a spirit, an energy inside (KI) that makes us strong.  My mom talked about it often, and how certain people understand their KI, and have learned to maximize it and use it to their advantage.  Mom always said I had good KI, and she encouraged me to use it to be strong through all situations that I faced in life.

She said your KI would not forsake you if ever you needed courage, and in time, I got my first glimpse of the amazing strength of my KI as it kicked in at the most opportune times.  It was kind of like the Eastern version of a life changing “Ah-ha” moment, where it awakened within, bringing with it a sudden burst of clarity, truth, and fearlessness. My KI gave me honor and dignity, pulling me through a series of challenging, difficult life situations, and summoned in me a wake up call for action.  Now, years later, I truly recognize the power of KI and use it every day in my personal and family life.  I couldn’t have asked for a better life than I have now.

My vision has expanded to include more, to give more.  I formed KI Concept LLC with a purpose of promoting the lifestyle of KI through education and providing spiritual and lifestyle enhancing products.  To this day, my Mom is my strongest supporter, and through KI Concept LLC, I celebrate the wisdom of my mother Kyo and my late maternal grandmother Aki who taught me to persever and never give up in life.  Today, we honor you, and I share the lessons of KI and strength with you.  It is my hope that you too will share your strength and KI with someone you love.